Harmonica School

Learn Harmonica Online


Based on 20 years of 1 on 1 teaching and over 30 seminars and camps David Herzhaft created in 2010 a full programm to learn harmonica from the bottom up.
Starting with 0 musical knowledge and harmonica technique you will progressively learn how to play, hear and understand music on the harmonica
Launched in France in 2010 (www.harmonicaschool.fr) Harmonica School started to expand worldwide in english with a slightly different approach. Lessons are categorized : Harmonica technique, Tunes (traditionnal, cover tunes, compositions), Styles (blues, jazz, country, rock, celtic, bluegrass, funk, pop), Improvisation and creativity on the harmonica. They are sorted by level but the student can pick up any harmonica lesson in any order he sees fit.
The english version of Harmonica School will offer more and more lessons starting in 2016

Check out : www.harmonicaschool.com