Harmonica School

Learn Harmonica Online


Based on 20 years of 1 on 1 teaching and over 30 seminars and camps David Herzhaft created in 2010 a full programm to learn harmonica from the bottom up.
Starting with 0 musical knowledge and harmonica technique you will progressively learn how to play, hear and understand music on the harmonica
Launched in France in 2010 (www.harmonicaschool.fr) Harmonica School started to expand worldwide in english with a slightly different approach. Lessons are categorized : Harmonica technique, Tunes (traditionnal, cover tunes, compositions), Styles (blues, jazz, country, rock, celtic, bluegrass, funk, pop), Improvisation and creativity on the harmonica. They are sorted by level but the student can pick up any harmonica lesson in any order he sees fit.
The english version of Harmonica School will offer more and more lessons starting in 2016

Check out : www.harmonicaschool.com


Best harmonicas to play ?

  • For Diatonic, blues, country, pop, rock beginners / intermediate harp players we recommend the Harmo Polar harmonica
  • For advanced and pro harmonica players interested in overblows we recommend the Harmo Torpedo harmonica with overblow setup in USA
  • For beginner and intermediate chromatic harmonica players interested in jazz, pop, swing, blues, classical we recommend the Harmo Angel 12 chromatic harmonica in the key of C that offers 3 octaves and also comes in special keys (D, G, A, Bb, Low C). Professional quality harmonica at a very affordable price.
  • For advanced chromatic harmonica players looking for a 16 hole 4 octave range model we recommend the Harmo Angel 16 chromatic harmonica or if your wallet permits the high-end brass comb model Harmo Admiral 64 chromatic harmonica
  • For carrying your harmonicas around you might need a harmonica case, harmonica bag or harmonica pouch : The Harmo pro case for 14 diatonic harmonicas is the best all around solution but also check out other options here
  • Last but not least you migh need some key label stickers to label your harmonica box, covers, combs and whatnot. You now have not one but 2 great options to do so !
    The Harmo 2D key label stickers recommended on covers and boxes / pouches
    The Harmo 3D key label stickers better suited to label directly your harmonica comb